About the Student Union

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The universities are responsible for research and education - the student union takes care of the economic, social, health and cultural well-being of students in Germany.

The Munich Student Union is a public institution that is responsible, in terms of Bavarian law, for

''...the economic and social support and assistance of students of state universities, particularly in terms of the establishment and running of child-care facilities, student accommodation and student catering, as well as providing access to institutions concerned with culture and social activities. Within its realm of responsibilities, the student union should seek to promote and support international relationships''

With a staff of 550, the Munich Student Union serves over 132,000 students at universities in Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan, Rosenheim, Burghausen, Mühldorf a. Inn, Traunstein and Benediktbeuern.

In the following pages you can read more about the functions, history and organisational structure of the Munich Student Union. Current job availabilities are also to be found here.