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One of the most important questions, which you will have to answer before you begin studying in Munich, is the question of how you will finance your studies. Upon registering you must provide a 'proof of funds', which documents your access to the necessary financial means for undertaking studies in Germany (ca. 10.236€ per year, as of 10-2019. One possibility is for example a so-called Blocked Account.
Additional informantion can be found in English here and here, as well as in German here).

During this process you should calculate your funds carefully and realistically, because the most prevalent reason for a premature withdrawl from studies for foreign students in Germany is insufficient funds.

You also have the possibility to ask someone in Germany to sign a so called Declaration of Commitment by private individuals. With this declaration he or she is obliged to cover the costs of your stay in Germany. This is a huge step and must be signed personally at the responsible foreigners office by the person who is obliged to support you financially. So you should discuss this with that person.