Our Advisory Network

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Our advisory network consists of various advisory services in Munich, Freising and Rosenheim.

You can reach us by phone during opening hours.
The psychotherapeutic and psychosocial advisory services, however, require an appointment by phone.

We are always happy to help students - for free!

General and Social Advisory Service

BAfög Advisory Service

Students from abroad

Advisory Service "Sexual Abuse, Discrimination,Violence"

Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Counselling Service

Legal Advisory Service

Scholarship Advisory Service

Student Coaching

Student Loan Advisory Service

Advice for Students with a Disability and/ or Chronic Diseases

Advice for Students Expecting or with a child


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All of the Munich advisory services of the Munich Student Union are located in our Advice Centre in the student district Olympic Village (U3 Olympiazentrum):

             "Alte Mensa"
              Helene-Mayer-Ring 9
              80809 München
              entrance h, along the path through the bungalow village (see site map)

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Advice and Counselling Network