Studying with a Child

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Pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child can decisively impact the plans of studying young parents. It is an experience with many challenges to overcome. For this reason, the Student Union offers a range of services to make studying with a child or children easier for you.

  • Studying with a child

    ... as a crèche teacher, childcare worker or intern for our small individual university establishments. Are you interested? Then click HERE!

  • Studying with a child

    Unsere Kita Ingeborg-Ortner-Kinderhaus hat sich an diesem Video "Die Maske ist eine große Belastung" beteiligt.
    Gewinnen Sie selbst einen Eindruck. Reinschauen lohnt sich!

  • Studying with a child

    Der Kinderzuschlag unterstütz Familien mit kleinen Einkommen und Alleinerziehende. Welche Regelungen bei wegfallendem Einkommen während der Corona-Pandemie ab dem 01.April 2020 gelten, erfahren Sie auf der Seite des Bundesministeriums für…

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Studying with a child

Job Offers for Crèche Teachers, Childcare Workers and Interns

We regularly need crèche teachers, childcare workers, interns as well as domestic assistants for our crèches. Have a look at our job offers under “Career”.

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