Cost of living

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Munich is a very attractive city with a high standard of living and a relative abundance of job opportunities. For these reasons, many people are drawn to come and live in the Bavarian capital. The other side of the coin are the high living costs. You should calculate with about 900 € per month - the greatest part of which is usually made up by accommodation costs. More detailled data you can read in our social report of 2016 or in the short version of this report.

Additional to the living costs you have to count in the so called "Studentenwerksbeitrag" (student union fee) of 75 € per semester which the Studentenwerk uses to finance its diverse services. At some universities or for some study courses there also might be other additional costs but the general tuition fees have been abolished since the winter semester 2013/14. At the same time the Semesterticket (for public transportation in Munich) has been introduced with an obligatory basic fee of currently 67,40 €.

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