Construction work

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Construction work in our halls of residence

For the benefit of our students we are always eager to improve the quality and atmosphere in our halls of residence as well as to create new living quarters. For this reason, construction work is going on in some of our halls of residence. This may lead to longer waiting periods for a room in these particular halls of residence. Please take this into consideration when applying online.

The construction works might possibly also affect you as a resident, especially noise disturbance and dust immissions. We want to point this out explicitly and would like to ask you to please refrain from complaining in this matter. The construction work is for the most part customary and has to be accepted by the tenants. The same applies for residents living in the buildings next to the construction work going on.

Current and upcoming construction work

Hall of residence         Expected period of construction work
           From   To
Agnesstraße 33 / 35   01 / 2023   08 / 2025



11 / 2024

Kaulbachstraße   ongoing  

12 / 2022

Olympisches Dorf Stufenbauten


06 / 2022

Schwere-Reiter-Straße   ongoing   03 / 2024
Studentenstadt (House 11)   ongoing   12 / 2022
Türkenstraße (construction work on neighbouring area)   ongoing   12 / 2024
Rosenheim II (construction work on neighbouring area)   ongoing   12 / 2024

Please note

The given time periods may change over time in both directions. We do our best to keep this overview up to date.