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Student Coaching

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Please Note!

At the moment, all conversations are taking place exclusively on the phone.

Dates, topics and formats of the group offers for the winter semester 20/21 are currently being planned and will soon be announced.

In which cases we help

Student coaching supports those seeking advice concerning their study-related difficulties. Due to our many years of experience in advising students, we know that problems in studying are usually very complex and can occur in a wide variety of situations or phases of your studies. In principle, all students can contact us who hope to get help from our coaching offered, for example if your study progress is slow or the success of your studies is at risk. We coach in individual sessions, for example, on the following topics:



In our courses you will learn, among other things, organising your workload, learning techniques or dealing with stress in everyday student life. We basically offer the following courses:

The registration procedure for the courses can be found in the respective course descriptions.

How do we help in individual sessions

In an initial consultation, we discuss your current student everyday situation, your problems and possible causes behind them. Together we will see if our coaching is a suitable offer for you.

In coaching, we then work out an individual solution for your problems during your studies with the help of established methods. In cooperation with you, we reflect on your resources and often find unused or even unknown potential that will be available to you in the future to solve the problem.

Multidisciplinary advice / further support

If you are unsure whether there are deeper questions behind your study-related problems, you can always get support from our colleagues from the Psychosocial and Psychotherapeutic Advisory Service  in advance (or later) with an assessment of your situation.

As part of our coaching, if need be, we will refer you to other places in our advisory network to clarify more specific questions.

How to contact us

If you want to take advantage of our coaching offered, please send us an email (stating your telephone number and university) to make an appointment or contact the consultants directly by phone. Our coaching is available to students from all universities and facilities supported by the Munich Student Union. You are also welcome to contact us from Rosenheim, Freising-Weihenstephan and Benediktbeuern.


Alte Mensa, Helene-Mayer-Ring 9
Advice Centre entrance h,
1st floor, room h6
U3 Olympiazentrum



Email: studierendencoaching@stwm.de

Juliane Heess, room h 11

Tel.: +49 89 357135-19

Dr. Annette Huland, room h 10

Tel.: +49 89 357135-73