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  • Information

    We keep to the current rules and regulations during the corona pandemic. You can find more information about the current situation in this news. We will keep you informed about any changes here.

  • University Gastronomy

    Mit unserem Rezept der Woche geben wir Ihnen Inspiration für's Kochen zu Hause. Diese Woche wird es edel! Mit dem feinen Rindfleischschmorbraten in Rotweinsauce Böfflamott können Sie den Herbst gebührend willkommen heißen.

  • Student Accommodation

    Wer Lust auf "urban gardening" hat, oder ein bisschen handwerklich aktiv sein möchte, für den ist der "Gassengarten" genau das Richtige. Auch im Herbst wird es viele neue Projekte geben.

  • Student Accommodation

    Den Studierenden stehen jetzt feste Ansprechpartner in den Wohnanlagen Olympisches Dorf, Studentenstadt, Stiftsbogen, Agnes-/Adelheidstraßes sowie in Freising und Rosenheim zur Verfügung. Achtung: Derzeit Kontakt nur per Telefon und E-Mail!

servus im September

  • Bericht über das perfekte Mensa-Dinner
  • BAföG-Antrag jetzt stellen
  • Günstige Zimmer suchen und vermieten

Interesting and Relevant

Information on the Semester Ticket

In the summer semester 2018, the price of the additional ticket “IsarCard Semester” was raised to 195.70 euros. Also, the solidarity fee has been raised to 67.40 euros.

The total price of the semester ticket for the entire MVV area now amounts to 263.10 euros for half a year. Thus, the monthly cost of a semester ticket is roughly 43.85 euros. All previous conditions such as the duration of validity etc. remain unchanged.

More information on the semester ticket can be found here.

The Student Union’s functions

The Munich Student Union is responsible for supporting students studying at the universities we are in charge of in financial, social, cultural and health matters. Furthermore, it contributes to promoting international relationships.

All student unions in Germany offer their support to a network consisting of several universities and university sites.  According to Bavarian student union regulations, the Munich Student Union is responsible for a total of 15 universities with over 131.000 students at four locations in and around Munich.
More information can be found here.

  • University Gastronomy

    In cooperation with the LMU, the Munich Student Union is introducing a new system of reusable cups for coffee to go at the Martingsried Campus.

  • Student Accommodation

    If you want to know what it looked like to be living in a hall of residence in 1949, take a look at this 360 panorama.

  • Advice & Counselling

    Are you interersted in a scholarship and have a couple of questions? Contact our Scholarship Advisory Service.

  • Advice & Counselling

    These difficult times can lead to psychological stress. Don't hesitate to give us a ring. Our therapists are still there for you!

  • University Gastronomy

    The renovations have started: by 2021, the dining rooms will have been modernised, the foyer redesigned and the building technology will have been brought up-to-date.

  • Information

    Are you having problems with a professor, a friend or your room-mates? “Nightline Munich” is there for students to talk about their problems. All calls are treated confidentially: + 49 - 89 3571 3571.

  • Information

    The satisfaction survey is carried out for the departments University Gastronomy, Student Accommodation and the Educational Maintenance Office. You can win one of 10 prizes - first prize is an exclusive gourmet canteen dinner for up to four people.

Munich Student Union Satisfaction Survey

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Today in the canteen!

Here you can take a look at our menus.

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Studying with a child

Job Offers for Crèche Teachers, Childcare Workers and Interns

We regularly need crèche teachers, childcare workers, interns as well as domestic assistants for our crèches. Have a look at our job offers under “Career”.

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