Studying with a disability

Where we can help

We are not just here to help people with a physical disability. We also offer support to students suffering from a chronic illness or a psychological disorder. Even a severe case of hay fever or a mild case of anxiety can lead to a disadvantage in comparison to healty students. 

How we help

We want to help you to compensate for the disadvantages at which you might find yourself due to your disability or illness. Thus we inform you of all kinds of grants and financial benefits to which you may be entitled, frequently in addition to BAföG. We can help you find a self-help group appropriate to you. If you wish it, we will refer you to one of our other advice services, such as the Psychosocial Counselling Service. Your university representitive for disabled students can also offer you valuable information.

How to reach us

Counselling of students with a disability or chronic illness is covered by our General Advice Service. Michael Bayer is responsible for addressing your individual needs and helping you with your problems.

Helene-Mayer-Ring Advice Center


"Alte Mensa", Helene-Mayer-Ring 9
Advice Center Entrance h
2nd floor, Room h8

MVV connection: U3 - Olympiazentrum

Opening hours

Tue, Wed 10.00 - 14.00
Thurs 14.00 - 18.00

Contact person

Michael Bayer dip.-soc. edu.

Tel. +49 89 357135-32