Resident Satisfaction 2021

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General information

The questionnaire of the 2021 Satisfaction Survey was made up of 19 standard questions which were already part of the previous years’ questionnaires; it is therefore possible to make sound comparisons to the answers provided over the years. Apart form the standard questions, additional questions were asked during the last couple of years (some of them yes/no questions). For the first time in 2021, there were also two questions regarding the reading rooms.

The residents’ participation in the 2021 Satisfaction Survey was slightly less compared to the year before. In 2021, altogether 2,479 residents took part, 423 people less than in 2020 (2,902 students giving us feedback). The results of the survey are nevertheless quite significant. As with the last surveys, the residents were contacted directly by email and, during the two-week period of the survey, were reminded twice to participate. It was made sure that no one took part in the survey more than once.

All in all, the results of the Satisfaction Survey are very positive, i.e. a well-above-average overall performance was achieved. The worst average resulted in 3.1 which represents a good average as well as solid performance. The best average resulted in 4.1, which represents a good and above-average performance. The individual results were made up as follows:

0 results between 2.5 and 2.9
5 results between 3.0 and 3.4
13 results between 3.5 and 3.9
1 result between 4.0 and 4.4

Best results

As in previous years, the question Satisfaction concerning the formalities involving the tenancy agreement once again achieved the best result (average 4.1). 1,030 residents provided an answer to this question.

78.55 % were satisfied to very satisfied
16.80 % were averagely satisfied
4.66 % were little satisfied to not satisfied at all

The second-best result (average score 3.9 with 2,081 answers provided) was Satisfaction concerning the feeling of security in the hall of residence.

70.39 % were satisfied to very satisfied
16.77 % were averagely satisfied
12.83 % were little satisfied to not satisfied at all

The third-best result, with an average of 3.8, was achieved by the two questions regarding Satisfaction concerning the procedures on the day of moving in as well as Satisfaction living together in shared flats.

Solid performance and future goals

Satisfaction concerning the cleanliness of communally used rooms in shared flats (shared kitchens, shared bathrooms) resulted in an average of 3.1 (3.0 the previous year), with 1,260 residents answering the question. This question once again achieved the worst result in the survey; however, an average of 3.1 still represents solid performance and can be considered a good average.

39.21 % were satisfied to very satisfied
27.14 % were averagely satisfied
33.65 % were little satisfied to not satisfied at all

The question regarding Satisfaction concerning the dealing with damage reports and subsequent repair works immediately after moving in also resulted in an average of 3.1. This question was answered by 407 residents.

40.29 % were satisfied to very satisfied
27.52 % were averagely satisfied
32.18 % were little satisfied to not satisfied at all

In these two questions, which both scored 3.1, residents very often commented on and criticized insufficient cleanliness of the rooms. As the Student Union has to continue renting out the rooms to new residents without any interruption after the previous tenants have moved out, necessary cleaning services are carried out under a lot of time pressure. The Accommodation Department has set itself the goal to improve satisfaction in this area so that new residents can feel at home from the very start. Checking the rooms after tenants have moved out and the final cleaning has been performed will already be intensified in the summer semester 2022. Both a professional business as well as employees of the Student Union are to verify on a large scale whether or not the rooms were cleaned sufficiently so that any necessary additional cleaning can be arranged immediately. These steps are hoped to increase satisfaction among the new residents and to raise awareness among the cleaning staff.

Overall result

Overall satisfaction with the services provided by the Accommodation Department resulted in an average of 3.5. The question was answered by 2,074 residents and can once again be considered a very positive result.

57.81 % were satisfied to very satisfied
22.76 % were averagely satisfied
19.43 % were little satisfied to not satisfied at all

Most of the residents who answered the questionnaire were from the Olydorf (441) and from the Studentenstadt (332). On average, more than a fourth of the residents in the smaller halls of residence participated in the survey.

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