International Partnerships

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The Munich Student Union’s international sector has a long tradition and is considered a vital component of the Student Union. It has maintained a close partnership with the CROUS in Lyon for over 40 years. Student exchanges, employee exchanges, the joint development of projects to improve our services and support, as well as cultural projects and courses are some of the cornerstones of our cooperation. Following the example set by this very successful partnership, the Munich Student Union is continually striving to expand its international network:

Partnership Lyon
The partnership with the CROUS de Lyon is the Munich Student Union’s oldest one. In the beginning, activities included language courses as well as theater projects. At the moment, exchanges of our employees take place nearly every year.

Partnership Shanghai
The Munich Student Union’s partnership with the Tongji University in Shanghai has existed since October 23rd, 2000. Most students in Shanghai and Munich have already benefited from this partnership: Shanghai and Munich take turns in exchanging teams of their canteen chefs. Most recently, in May 2019, professional Shanghai chefs were once again cooking for students in the Canteen Arcisstraße, indulging them with Chinese specialities. In the spring of 2016, a delegation of Munich canteen chefs visited the university in Shanghai in order to cook Bavarian specialities for the students in their canteen.

Partnership Tunisia
Our partnership with the Office des Œuvres Universitaires pour le Nord in Tunis was formed in May 2002 with the intention to also extend the close contact which exists between Bavaria and Tunisia to the field of social and cultural services for students. It complements the previously already existing partnership between the TUM (Technical University) and the University of Tunis II.
The cooperation agreement is intended to promote exchange programmes between students of the two countries. For instance, there have already been language courses offered in Tunisia, visits of international art festivals by students, in the North African country and in Germany, as well as an exchange of chefs, through which Tunisian students got to know some Bavarian specialities. German students have also already been able to enjoy Tunisian food.
In November 2019, partnership conventions with the two remaining student service organisations were signed by the managing directors in Munich. So the Office des Œuvres Universitaires pour le Centre (Center; based in Sousse) and the Office des Œuvres Universitaires pour le Sud (South; based in Sfax) are the freshest cooperaion partners for the Studentenwerk Munich. The details of the partnership with now all student service organisations in Tunisia will be discussed for the future.

Partnership Beijing
Since the middle of 2016, we have had a partnership contract with the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in the Chinese capital Beijing. Since then, irregularly occurring short visits have given employees the opportunity to learn about services provided by the host, especially services such as canteens and students' halls of residence as well as advisory services. The Munich Student Union has also already welcomed staff of the BIT in order to discuss ideas and experience.