Affordable student accommodation is not easy to find in Munich and surrounding areas. To help counter this problem, the student union offers its students a total of almost 11,000 rooms and apartments in Munich, Freising and Rosenheim. The rental costs for student accommodation lie between €178 and €496 per month, and the waiting times between one and four semesters, depending on the halls of residence.

Those students who cannot initially be offered a room may want to contact our private room rental service. For answers to all your questions concerning accommodation, please contact the staff of our private room rental service, who can also help you in your search for alternative modes of accommodation.

At some of the Munich Student Union halls' of residence there are parking spaces available to rent. These cost between €6 and €30 per month for students and between €17 and €50 per month for non-students. A list of available parking spaces and the administrative office responsible is available for download here as a pdf.

To inform yourself regarding the conditions that apply to a rental contract, please take a look at this sample rental contract including the airing and heating pamphlet.

More information on data network can be found in the use policy for the data network of our resident halls.