Eine leckere Currywurst oder Erdbeerjoghurt genießen und dabei helfen – am 31. Mai kommen 20 Cent jeder verkauften Currywurst und 10 Cent jedes Erdbeerjoghurts dem Verein Studentenhilfe München zugute.

Im Mai startet die 21. Sozialerhebung des Deutschen Studentenwerks. Erfasst wird die wirtschaftliche Lage der Studierenden in Deutschland. Seien Sie dabei!

The Munich Student Union’s advice services have worked together to create a guide for students concerned about continuing their studies. The result can now be found online at muenchen.de.

Many students spend a lot of their time learning and preparing in the university buildings. But what to do, when hunger strikes and the StuCafé or Canteen is closed? For this reason, the Student Union has set up a number of vending machine stations.

An exclusive Canteen-Dinner for up to four people! That is the main prize of our online survey! The Student Union's satisfaction survey was made in the fields of university catering, student housing and the office for educational support.

On the 30th June 2016 at 8.00 pm, an exclusive university concert for students will be taking place in the Munich philharmonic hall. We are giving away 10x2 free tickets!

More time to eat, read, work and chat with fellow students - the extended opening hours at many StuCafés and canteens will make it possible!

In the summer semester 2016, the price of the IsarCardSemester was raised slightly. This coming winter semester 2016/2017 there will be another increase in its price. What will happen then is still open. Further information can be found in this article.

We are still looking for educators and child carers who would like to work in our day-care nurseries. Please have a look at our announces! (via "About the student union/Career/open positions").


Stress with the prof? Problems with friends or house mates? “Nightline Munich” is here to listen to your worries. Telephones are manned by student volunteers who are ready to lend and ear to their troubled contemporaries.