Opportunities for a stay in France (FGYO)

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Anyone who wants to spend some time in France during their studies has various different possibilities to choose from. A lot of partnerships and cooperations exist with our neighbouring country – great opportunities for cultural, social or professional exchanges. One possible organisation which offers advice and assistance to anyone interested in exchange programmes with France is the “Franco-German Youth Office” (FGYO/DFJW).

Marie Kösters, Young Ambassador of the FGYO, gives an overview about the offers of the organisation.

The Young Ambassadors of the FGYO - mostly former participants of exchange activities, now still studying or just having begun to work - are the people to contact in the individual “Bundesländer” and “régions”. Apart from the Young Ambassador, you can also retrieve a list of regional partner organisations via an interactive map on the FGYO’s website.

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Every year, the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) approximately supports 190,000 adolescents and young adults from Germany, France or in trilateral programmes also from other countries, with exchange opportunities. The 8,000 individual and group meetings every year offer an opportunity for everyone to enhance one’s language skills as well as to experience oneself and living together in Europe from a different perspective.

More information on the FGYO: www.fgyo.org