Study abroad – information for German students

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Routes abroad

Whilst looking at job advertisements in the newpaper or online, you are likely to have stumbled across sentences like 'overseas experience would be of advantage' or 'experience is a foreign coutry required'.  Regardless of whether you want to aquire experience abroad for your career or for your own personal developement, time spent studying or working overseas is a valuable investement in you future.

Whether you want to study, work, or complete an internship abroad, the following links provide information to help you research and prepare:


International Student Identity Card

The Munich Student Union is not responsible for issuing the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). If this cannot be issued by their university or college, matriculated students in possession of their student ID can usually obtain an ISIC in any number of travel agency offices.

More information is available at or here.

A travel agency office capable of issuing ISICs can be found in the foyer of the Leopoldstaße canteen.