Students from Abroad

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When can we help

The members of staff in the Advisory Network’s various advisory services are happy to help students from abroad with all questions related to their studies and life as a student in general. We are there for you, should you have any problems concerning

  • settling in at university,
  • the German university system,
  • meeting other students,
  • financing your studies or
  • dealing with public authorities.

You can come to us with any problems you may have, not just the ones listed above

How do we help

The consultants of our various advisory services will take their time to talk about the challenges that face you in a foreign country.  Also, we can point out to you affordable cultural activities or tell you about student groups that you might be interested in. The most important information for students from abroad who are planning to come to Munich, has been summarised on this website under the category International.

How to contact us

Depending on the type of advice you need, please refer to the one of our network’s advisory services. An overview can be found here: .

If you are not sure who would be the right person to contact, simply write us an email.