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On 16.02.2021, a fire disaster occurred in House 13 in the Studentenstadt Freimann Hall of Residence with grave consequences.

The fire also resulted in all of our buildings being reinspected with regard to fire safety. After a thorough re-examination regarding fire safety and as a result of an external expert report from 12.04.2021, there is unfortunately no other choice as to renovate the HSH (House 9) as soon as possible. We are very sorry to say that it is therefore absolutely necessary for all residents to move by 30.09.2021.

It is also known that House 12, known as the “Orange House”, is in need of renovation, which is why new tenancy agreements are now only signed for a fixed term. All of this house’s residents will also have to move by 31.03.2022.

Below, you can see FAQs on moving out of the HSH by 30.09.2021 as well as on moving out of House 12 by 31.03.2022.

Should you have any further questions which are not answered here, please send an email to wohnen@stwm.de.

FAQs Moving House 12

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FAQs Moving House 9

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