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ECTS at HM and TUM

Students of the Technical University (TUM) can usually acquire 2 ECTS points after the successful participation through to a cooperation with the Carl-von-Linde-Akademie of the Munich Center for Technology in Society. You can find the announcement of Come to Munich - be at home! here.

Since winter semester 2021/22, students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM) can also acquire ECTS points. You should be able to find the program in the course catalog of Faculty 13 with the following title: "Intercultural Teamwork / Intercultural Encounters - Come to Munich Be at Home" as well as in the "courses in English" programme. Please  clarify in each individual case whether you can get the ECTS credits.

English is used as the lingua franca for the intercultural workshops as well as the accompanying events.



After successfull participation, every student receives a certificate.

To do

Requirements to successfully participate in the program:

  1. active participation in all intercultural workshop sessions
  2. visit of three cultural events from the programme
  3. group presentation
  4. writing a reflection protocol (for those who get ECTS)