The ComOly

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What is the ComOly?

The ComOly has been awarded every year since 2004 at the last in a series of comedy evenings during the winter semester. These comedy evenings take place in the OlyLounge/ OlyDisco in the Olympic Village and represent one of the most popular platforms for newcomers on the Munich comedy scene. Cabaratists, comedians, musicians, clowns and writers all have the chance to present their work on stage. There is only one condition: The audience has to be moved to laughter. The winner receives a prize of €555,55 and the runner up gets €222,22.

What do I have to do in order to win the ComOly?

Applicants can apply by email or telephone as soon as the schedule has been arranged and posted on the internet site of the ComOly.

During the heats, each contestant has a maximum of 15 minutes to impress. Jury and audience decide who progresses further. Those who make it through to the grand final can enjoy a maximum of 30 minutes attention, but the act that they deliver must be significantly different from the one performed in the last round. The winner is selected by the jury and the audience.

Up to date information is available on the website of ComOly.