Leisure time tips for Munich

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Kultur für alle

München mal kostenlos – Der KulturRaum München hat für Sie eine ganz besondere Übersicht erstellt: München, das sonst so teure Pflaster, bietet unzählige Veranstaltungen bei freiem Eintritt. Diese sind kostenlos für jeden, unabhängig davon, ob er beim KulturRaum München als KulturGast registriert ist. Hier finden Sie Konzerte, Theater, Filmvorführungen und vieles mehr:

Hier geht es direkt zum Veranstaltungskalender:

Sports for students: Zentraler Hochschulsport (ZHS)

The ZHS (University Sports Center Munich) gives students many opportunities to exercise, take part in courses or try out all kinds of different sports.

For only € 10.00, students can purchase a basic subscription (per semester!) that allows them to participate in many courses: this great offer covers ball sports such as golf or badminton, climbing (most often with an extra-application via PC), fitness, water sports, gymnastics and athletics, but also dancing, martial arts and trend sports. Swimming in the Oylmpic Swimming Hall is also included, without entrance fee, at training times.

More information on application and subscription purchases can be found on the homepage of the ZHS at:



Art galleries in Munich

 Entrance fee: € 1.00 on Sundays

"Alte Pinakothek"

"Neue Pinakothek"

"Pinakothek der Moderne"



Recreational sports in Munich: An offer from the city of Munich

During the afternoon and evening of weekdays, sport courses of all kinds are open to students in the sports halls of Munich's schools. Payment is done via the attractive RecSport-Tickets that are purchased before attending. They are available at the city information in the town hall, Marienplatz, at the following times: Monday - Friday from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm, Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

One course costs a mere € 2.60, a stripe card (4 courses) only € 10. In some very rare cases, 2 stripes are required for one course.

The types of sport range from basketball to capoeira, fitness training, kickboxing, free running, qi gong, yoga and zumba.

Please note: The courses take place on school days of the Bavarian school calendar (NOT during school holidays [Green])!

More information (in German) on the program and locations can be found here: