Historical Room

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360 Panorama: how did students live in the post-war period?

If you want to know what it a room in a hall of residence looked like in 1949, take a look at our 360 panorama. The reconstruction of a student room back then will give you a detailed impression.

The reason for the historical reconstruction of this room was the 50th anniversary of the “Wegweiser - Studieren in München” (the city guide for students in Munich) 20 years ago. In celebration of this anniversary, the director at the time, Dieter Maßberg, had the room reconstructed in the house of the Student Union, where, for quite a long time, it was exhibited. 

Here you can have a look at what the interior architects Ushi Tamborriello and Markus Fritschi managed to create.

In order to navigate, please click on the picture and pull it right or left while holding the mouse button down. You can zoom by rotating the scroll wheel of the mouse.

Anyone who has had a look at this room will know that luxury for students used to be a good book, a fair amount of soap and a functioning spare fuse for the power supply.