Uni-Küken Crèche

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Schröfelhofstr. 16
81375 Munich

U6 Haderner Stern
U6 Holzapfelkreuth
Tram line 18 "Gondrellplatz"


We are part of the district Großhadern and are integrated into the Student Union’s hall of residence. We use the same sport and activity areas (e.g. the barbecue area) and are completely isolated from traffic in a residential area with lots of green fields, nice playgrounds nearby and large open spaces.

The Facility’s Rooms

Our crèche consists of one group and is equipped in a friendly and appealing way, suitable for needs of our children. The south facing side and large window façades let the sun shine straight into our group room. We go out into our garden with its special "Bobby-Car track" and nice sandpit almost every day.

Whose Children Do We Look After

We take care of children of parents who are studying at a university the Munich Student Union is in charge of, as well as those of employees of the supporting association or the Munich Student Union.

Detailed Information on the Facility

Have a look at our Concept for more detailed information. 

Information Event

Are you interested in our childcare centre? Then take a look at our information events page and come and visit us to get a first impression.