Hänsel & Gretel Crèche

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Felsennelkenanger 21
80937 Munich

U2 Dülferstraße


The crèche is located in the north of Munich in the district Milbertshofen - Am Hart. It is next door to the MIRA shopping centre. The nearby nature reserve Nordheide and the forest area Hartlholz provide lots of opportunities for nature excursions. In the nearby residential area, there are several public playgrounds with various physical challenges, as well as further childcare facilities. The U2 is a two-minute walk away, from where most of Munich's universities can be easily accessed, such as the LMU, TU, FHM.

The Facility’s Rooms

The crèche’s rooms are on the ground floor of the student hall of residence, facing north and north-east. The modern design and large glass façades provide a pleasant atmosphere. The facility consists of a bright and friendly group room with child-appropriate and motivating toys for all ages. Next to it, there is an activity room, which is equipped with large soft play elements, mattresses, wall bars etc.. At noon, the room functions as a sleep room.  The hall is where the children can hang up their jackets and such, and also contains a large colouring wall. The hall also leads to the bathroom/children's toilet as well as to the kitchen and the office. The kitchen is well-equipped for the parents to cook fresh meals every day.
The outside area:
Our garden offers lots of different opportunities for the children to play and is right beside the building. It has a large grass area, a swing (bird's nest), a sand pit with a hill slide, a well, two raised garden beds and a hedge, a willow tipi and a terraced area for e.g. driving bobby cars.

Whose Children Do We Look After

We take care of children of parents who are studying at a university the Munich Student Union is in charge of, as well as those of employees of the supporting association or the Student Union.

Detailed Information on the Facility

Have a look at our Concept for more detailed information. 

Information Event

Are you interested in our childcare centre? Then take a look at our information events page and come and visit us to get a first impression.



Hänsel & Gretel Crèche