How can I register my child?

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Application for Students

You are welcome to either apply directly using our online application form or else personally with our advisory service Studying with a Child.
If you are interested in the childcare centre “Studentenflöhe” in Rosenheim, you can contact the facility’s management directly.
For our Munich facilities, please also apply via the kita finder.

Application for University Employees / Employees of the Student Union and the Supporting Association

University employees as well as employees of the Student Union and the supporting association can apply directly with their university or under StwM/Supporting Association. The application forms as well as contact details can be found here.
For our Munich facilities, please also apply via the kita finder.


As soon as there is a place free for your child, the facility’s management will contact you and will let you know which documents are required for signing the contract. For the contract briefing, it would be very helpful if you could bring along a copy of your child’s birth certificate, the examination booklet (“Untersuchungsheft”), vaccination certificate (“Impfpass”) and – if already available – your certificate of matriculation for a university supported by the Munich Student Union.

Data protection

You can find our data privacy statement for handling data regarding the waiting list at