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How are the Student Union’s childcare centres organized?

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Our childcare centres are organized and managed by the supporting association „Studentische Eltern-Kind-Initiativen e.V.“ This double structure has two main advantages:  It allows the Student Union to finance and competently advise the childcare centres, while also giving the parents a substantial degree of influence on the procedures.

Managing director of the supporting association is Beate Mittring, head of department “Studying with a Child” at the Munich Student Union.

Managing Director / Head of Department

The main task and objective of the department “Studying with a Child” is to support and further develop childcare in our facilities.

Managing Director

Contact Beate Mittring
Office Leopoldstraße 15
room 110
Email beate.mittring@stwm.de
Phone +49 89 38196-1739
Fax +49 89 38196-1737

Secretary's office

Contact Tjasa Boban
Office Leopoldstraße 15
Room 109
Email tjasa.boban@stwm.de
Phone +49 89 38196-1739
Fax +49 89 38196-1737

Divisional Management

Divisional Management Munich South, Centre and Rosenheim

Contact Sonja Simnacher
Office Leopoldstraße 15
Room 107
Email sonja.simnacher@stwm.de
Phone +49 89 38196-1510
Fax +49 89 38196-1737

Divisional Management Munich North, East, Freising and Garching

Contact Regina Sueß-Willke
Office Leopoldstraße 15
Room 108
Email regina.suess-willke@stwm.de
Phone +49 89 38196-289
Fax +49 89 38196-1737