Tips for moving in

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Have a look at a summary of our "tips for moving in" in our checklist for new arrivals.

Please pay attention to the following points when moving in:

Residents’ Registration Office

  • In Germany, registering your place of residence is obligatory.
  • Students have to register their place of residence in Munich at the Department of Public Order (KVR) in the Residence Registration Office (Bürgerbüro). For further information please click here.
  • In order to do so, you need a confirmation from your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung). A few days after moving in, you will receive an email with the confirmation from the Student Union’s administrative office responsible for your hall of residence.
  • Please register at the Residents’ Registration Office in charge within two weeks after moving in. You will receive an email containing further information after you have moved in.
  • Students studying in Garching, Oberschleißheim, Rosenheim and Freising have to register at the Residents’ Registration Office in their towns. Further information:

Licence fee

  • Every household in Germany has to pay a certain fee for using the internet, radio and TV.
  • Students living in a hall of residence also have the duty to pay. (Students who receive BAföG, however, can apply for exemption.)
  • The fee is not included in the rent.
  • It is not possible in accordance with tenancy law that the landlord ( i.e. the Student Union) pays the licence fee.
  • Click here to get further information put together by the Student Union.
  • More information can also be found on the flyer or on the homepage of the ARD ZDF Beitragsservice.
  • After students have registered their place of residence, the Residents’ Registration Office usually transfers the data to the ARD ZDF Beitragsservice. Consequently, every resident will be contacted separately and has to react in order to avoid potential fines.

Bank account

  • The Student Union withdraws the rent from the bank account you stated approximately on the eighth day of each month by SEPA direct debit.
  • The deposit will be withdrawn from your account at the end of the month you move in.
  • Students who do not have a European bank account or are not listed below, have to open up an account at a German bank.
  • Students from the following countries can use an account from their country:
    Land ISO-Code IBAN-Länge
    Belgium BE 16
    Germany DE 22
    Estonia EE 20
    France FR 27
    Ireland IE 22
    Italy IT 27
    Latvia LV 21
    Lithuania LT 20
    Luxembourg LU 20
    Malta MT 31
    Monaco MC 27
    The Netherlands NL 18
    Austria AT 20
    Portugal (incl. the Azores and Madeira) PT 25
    San Marino SM 27
    Spain (incl. the Canary Islands) ES 24
    Cyprus CY 28
  •  Please clarify with your bank that the Munich Student Union is allowed to withdraw from your bank account!

Room inspection by students after moving in

  • The Student Union has to rent out the rooms seamlessly because the accommodation is government-funded.
  • Therefore it could be possible that your room shows damage and/or still has to be painted after you have moved in.
  • When you move in / receive your keys, you will receive a form, on which you have to record any existing damage or the like.
  • Please be aware that damage that is not reported within two weeks after you move in will be deducted from your deposit after you have moved out.

Internet connection

  • Every tenant has internet connection in his or her room (cable, no WLAN)
  • The connection is only to be used for study purposes and not for any other purpose.
  • On the day you move in, you will receive an IP address from the administrative office. After setting it up you can use the internet.
  • The user agreement for the data network is part of the tenancy agreement (annex 3).


  • It is possible to sublet your room to matriculated students for a maximum of one semester with the approval of the Student Union (e.g. during semester breaks or for study reasons such as ERASMUS, internship etc.). For further information, please contact the administrative office in charge of your hall of residence.
  • In order to sublet you room, you have to apply to your administrative office.
  • If you sublet your room without approval or at an exorbitant rent, the tenancy agreement will be terminated without notice.

Reasons for being able to extend your residency

  • House representatives or tutors
  • Honorary positions (special involvement in the hall of residence without pay)
  • Network administrators
  • Running communal facilities

Living in a hall of residence

To support the students in their daily lives at their hall of residence, the Student Union has put together important rules as well as a hall of residence dictionary here.

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