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Room Raffle

Room raffle for first-semester students for the 2019/20 winter semester

Between 15 May and 15 July 2020 the Munich Student Union is going to raffle 200 rooms (145 rooms in Munich, 45 in Freising and 10 in Rosenheim) in its halls of residence (rental contracts from 01 October 2020) for students beginning their studies (e.g. bachelors, masters; including students who have changed university) at a Munich University in the winter semester. Exchange students and PhD students are not eligible to take part.

Taking part in the raffle is only possible from 15 May to 15 July 2020 and participants may only enter once. Multiple entries are not permitted and will result in the offenders’ names being removed from the waiting lists for student accommodation.

In order to take part in the raffle, you need to go to online application on our website between 15.05.2020 and 15.07.2020, fill in the regular application form for a student accommodation of the Munich Student Union and additionally type in "Erstsemester im Wintersemester 2019/2020" (first-semester student in the 2020/2021 winter semester) into the "Hinweisfeld" (extra information).
You will then automatically take part in the raffle.
If the “Hinweisfeld” is left blank, you will not take part in the raffle, but will be placed on the normal waiting list.

Please note that by filling in a "“1"” into the field “"Semesteranzahl", you will not automatically be included in the room raffle”.

Online application is possible also without a certificate of matriculation for the winter semester. However, it must be handed in at the latest when the contract is signed.

The Munich Student Union's general conditions for application apply. Applicants can select—as usual—their three preferred halls of reference. There is no guarantee that the winners will be offered accommodation in one of their preferred halls of residence. It may arise that an applicant wins a room in another hall of residence. It remains the applicant’s decision whether or not to accept this room.

Applications received after 15 July 2020 can no longer be entered into the raffle and applicants’ names will be placed on the normal waiting list.

The winners will be notified afterwards by email and will be asked to accept the offer by a certain date.

Those who are not lucky will also receive an email. These applicants will automatically be transferred to the regular waiting lists of their preferred halls of residence with their original application date.

Legal recourse is excluded.


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