Rent, Waiting Periods, Types of Accommodation

Rent, overheads and waiting times

The rent (basic rent plus overheads) covers all running costs of the accommodation. No extra payments towards the day to day running of the halls of residence are charged. Rent is paid monthly in the form of a direct debit. Since rent is paid in advance, the height of the overheads can only be estimated, but any differences between the estimated and actual values are accounted for at the end of the billing period. The values in the table refer to monthly rental costs as of January 2018.

Accommodation in our halls' of residence is highly sought after and waiting times are unfortunately generally applicable.

Waiting period:

Please click here to see the current prices and waiting times. Please note that the waiting period begins on your application date! The listed waiting periods are based on average waiting times and are only to be seen as an approximate estimation. As the waiting periods may change over time we recommend to check this list periodically to stay informed about the current approximate waiting period.



In order to determine which halls of residence are best suited to you, you should first consider the various different forms of communal living, and decide which one of them you would prefer. The various halls offer varying forms of accommodation, and not all forms are offered at all locations. Please check the details of the halls of residence on the internet site before making your application.

The following types of accommodation are available:

1. Single room (shower, toilet and kitchen are shared within a residential group)
2. Apartment with shared kitchen (own shower and toilet)
3. Single apartment (own shower and toilet, own kitchen unit)
4. Flat (large apartment or flat with 2-3 rooms) exclusively for couples (both matriculated) or families.
5. Single-parent apartment: 1.5 rooms as an apartment or in a shared flat for 2
6. Apartment or single room in a shared flat for the disabled (equipped accordingly)

Parking spaces

At some of the Munich Student Union halls' of residence there are parking spaces available to rent. These cost between €6 and €30 per month for students and €14 and €50 per month for non-students. A list of available parking spaces and the responsible administrative offices is available for download here as a pdf.

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