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The username with which I was issued is deemed invalid by the system.

Please be sure to enter your username correctly, in a case sensitive manner. The username has 6-digits. Please note that your username is only valid for six months. If your username is more than six months old, you have to register anew.

What can I do if an offer appears to be dubious?

If an offer appears to be dubious or the details differ from the ones mentioned in the offer please report this to us. You can either fill in our feedback-form or simply send an e-mail to pzv@stwm.de.

Please also do not make any payments in cash. If you can not avoid to pay in cash, please make sure you get an receipt.

I have lost my username.

Send an email, with your name and date of birth, to pzv@stwm.de. We will send you your username by email.

My account has expired, but I still require use of the Housing Referral Service.

Then you must register anew. Please be sure to send us your current matriculation certificate.

If you have any further questions regarding online use of the student Housing Referral Service, please contact us via email at pzv@stwm.de, or visit us in our office .

Helene-Mayer-Ring 9
Entrance a, room a2
80809 München
U3 Olympiazentrum

Tel.: +49 89 357135 - 0/-20                   Fax: +49 89 357135-33

I registered and sent the relevant documents some time ago, but have still not received a confirmation.

There could be several reasons for this:

  • The email adress that you specified in the form was incorrect. 
  • Your inbox was full when you should have received your confirmation.
  • Your documents have not arrived.

In order to find out what has happened to your password, please get in touch with us by email.

Certain advertisements are stated to be ''non-existent'', although they are present in the housing list.

Your internet browser may be showing you an out of date version of the list. Please refresh/reload the page to view the up to date list.

Is it common to transfere the rent or deposit to the landlord in advance?

There is always the danger of Internet fraud, so please do NOT transfer money in advance (for rent, security deposit etc). As the studentenwerk is involved in the provision of private rooms only as intermediary, we do not know, nor check the landlords personally.