Heiglhofstraße Halls of Residence

Administration:  Olympic Village

Heiglhofstraße 64 / 66, 81377 Munich, U6 Klinikum Großhadern

The atrium house at 64 Heiglhofstraße is especially eye-catching. The balconies surrounding the patio are blooming with green plant life. At weekends, the occupants like to meet up for breakfast in the shared kitchen, whose tables face out directly onto the patio. This friendly, welcoming atmosphere extents up the open floors of the house. The kitchen is particular feature of these halls; newly built, decorated dark blue and well equipped with modern devices. The interests of the occupants of this house are wide ranging - something which they relish and find stimulating. The excellent underground connection renders the city centre just a short ride away.

More information about this student hall are provided in the leaflet Heiglhofstraße.

Common room, pub

Shopping, post office, travel agency, take away restaurant, pizza service

Concerts on the lake in Westpark, spa in Forstenried, badminton, volleyball, basketball, table tennis