Chiemgaustraße Halls of Residence


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Traunsteiner Straße 1-13
81549 München
Sintpertstraße 42-50
81539 Munich

U2 Untersbergstraße

U2, S3/S7 Giesing

U1 St.-Quirin-Platz

Administration:  Olympic Village

Up until 1993, the McCraw barracks were home to American soldiers and their families. Following withdrawal of the troops, the student union purchased one third of the land, and converted the houses into comfortable student accommodation.

The ''No dogs allowed'' sign on the sports field is a reminder behind left behind by the previous occupants of the houses, which remains in the interest of the current occupants.

More information about this student hall are provided in the leaflet Chiemgaustraße.

Kitchens, common room


Good shopping, post office, banks

Cinema, Perlacher Forest, indoor swimming pool with sauna ans solarium (Giesing), pubs and fringe theatre in Heidhausen

Child Care

Crèche Meki & Murmele