Heidemannstraße Halls of Residence


Heidemannstraße Halls of Residence

Paul-Hindemith-Allee 4 und 6
Karl-Köglsperger-Straße 3 - 9
80939 Munich

U6 Kieferngarten

Administration:  Olympic Village

The majority of the accommodation here is in the form of apartments. Residents can chose to take part in communal life, or to keep themselves to themselves. Those looking to meet people will find plenty of opportunities offered by the tutorial program, weekly meets in the on-site bar and casual encounters in the communal areas. The halls have a suburban feel: Children playing on the square; people of all ages carrying their shopping home; students picking up their children from kinder garden. In summer you can cycle to uni through the English Garden. More information about this student hall is provided in the leaflet Heidemannstraße.

Common room, pub 

In-house drinks sale, small shopping centre with post office and bank, free bus to larger shops

Sauna, gym and squash courts (private), access to the Isar (river), Feringa and Unterföhringer lakes, bowling and international pubs/restautants (student prices), back-yard theatre in Sudetendeutschen Straße, sport and culture opportunities in the Freimann student village.


Pictures of our Hall of Residence