Oberschleißheim Halls of Residence

Am Schäferanger 9-15
85764 Oberschleißheim

S1 Oberschleißheim

Administration:  Olympic Village

The Oberschleißheim Halls of Residence are situated right next to the regatta lake and rowing reagtta course, and the beautiful surrounding countryside. In summer, concerts are held at Lustheim Castle in the town of Oberschleißheim. The generous castle grounds and an idyllic garden within them are the perfect places to take relaxing walks and a beer garden offers you the chance to refresh and enjoy some typical Munich beer garden culture.

The first students moved in here in the summer semester of 1997. It was intented that these halls in north Munich would be primarily for veterinary students, as their department planned to move to Oberschleißheim. This move was, however, delayed, and students in other faculties can also find a home here. Whether you study in Munich, Garching or Weihenstepan, Oberschleißheim is conveniently located - all three destinations are only 25 minutes away on public transport.

More information about this student hall are provided in the leaflet Oberschleißheim.

Kitchens, common room

Shopping, post office, bank, gastronomy in Oberschleißheim

Castle park with beer garden, indoor swimming pool, Feldmoching and Unterschleißheim lakes, regatta course, gliding, German Museum (aircraft)

Pictures of our Hall of Residence