Hall of Residence Vöttinger Straße (Weihenstephan I)

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Hall of Residence Weihenstephan I

Administrative Office: Freising

Vöttinger Straße 49
85354 Freising,

S1, ALX 37980 Freising, Bus 638 Vöttinger Straße

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Vöttinger Straße brochure.


The architecture of this hall of residence has the flair of the 60's: stone stairs, wood panelling and a sober design. The communal kitchens encourage students to cook and sit down together. The convenient location regarding the campus is a bonus for those who like to sleep on that little bit longer! The hall of residence was completely renovated in 2001.

Kitchens, seminar room, workshop, common room, sun terrace, bar, table tennis table, laundry room, dryers, fitness room

Shopping opportunities, post office and banks in town, canteen/campus

Cinemas, town hall with a varied cultural programme and a club in town, many lakes for going swimming, Isar, sports grounds, in-house fitness room, TU sports programme, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beer garden

Pictures of our Hall of Residence