Hall of Residence Lange Point (Weihenstephan III)

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Hall of Residence Lange Point (Weihenstephan III)

Administrative Office: Freising

Lange Point 1-35
85354 Freising

S1, ALX 37980 Freising, Bus 620 Stadtwerke

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Lange Point brochure.


It's hard to believe that nearly 400 students live in this hall of residence. The buildings, which were built in the 80's, appear to be a family housing estate. Basically, that's what it is: a large family of students, who feel very at home here.

Kitchens, common room

Shopping opportunities, post office and banks in town, canteen/campus

Cinemas, town hall with a varied cultural programme and a club in town, many lakes for going swimming, Isar, sports grounds, in-house fitness room, TU sports programme, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beer garden

Pictures of our Hall of Residence