Holiday rental of a room in a halls of residence

In cooperation with the student self-administration in the Freimann Student Village, the Munich Student Union runs an agency for holiday rentals. This agency puts potential short-term tenants in contact with the residents of rooms in halls' of residence, who wish to temporarily sub-let their room (between semesters or whilst taking a semester abroad for example).


Apartmentbörse Studentenstadt
(Student Village Appartment Agency) 
Studentenstadt Freimann
Christoph-Probst-Str. 12 / 0029
80805 München


Opening hours
Monday - Thurday: 18 - 23 pm
Friday: closed

New address from 1st of October 2019:

Apartmentbörse Studentenstadt
Studentenstadt Freimann
Hans-Leipelt-Straße 7 / 0005
(Basement Building 10)
80805 München

Holiday rentals in other halls'of residence

Residents of other halls' of residence can also sub-let their rooms during periods when they do not require them themselves. Although it lies with the resident to find a tenant for themself - by checking the notice bords outside the canteens and in the halls' of residence, for example - the decision must be approved by the relevant administration centre.