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On 16.02.2021, a fire disaster occurred in House 13 in the Studentenstadt Freimann Hall of Residence which has caused grave consequences and grief: The house’s sauna area was burnt out completely during the night and, due to the build-up of smoke, some students were seriously injured. On 01.03.2021, one very seriously injured student died in hospital as a result of smoke poisoning. This tragedy has been very emotional and upsetting for the staff of the Student Union and for many students. 

Naturally, one of the consequences of the fire was that all our buildings were reinspected specifically with regard to fire safety. After a thorough re-examination regarding fire safety and as a result of an external expert report from 12.04.2021, there is unfortunately no other choice as to renovate the HSH (House 9) as soon as possible. We are very sorry to say that it is therefore absolutely necessary for all residents to move by 30.09.2021. On 19.04.2021, we informed all residents by email.

However, as you presumably still have unanswered questions, we have put together a list of answers to several of the questions that are to be expected. 

Below, you can see FAQs on moving out of the HSH by 30.09.2021, further down the page you will also find up-to-date FAQs concerning the fire in House 13. 

Should you have any further questions which are not mentioned here, please send an email to wohnen@stwm.de.

FAQs Umzug Haus 9

Is it still safe to live in House 9?

There is no need to worry. Moving has to be organized now already because it is unfortunately impossible to renovate one part of the building after another. In order for us to be able to ensure that House 9 definitely will be vacant by the end of September 2021 so that the upcoming renovation can begin as quickly as possible, we have to now already start organizing for students to move.

Why has the necessity of moving come up so suddenly?

The reason for deciding that all residents of House 9 have to move is due to it not being possible to renovate House 9 bit by bit. This has been clear since the inspection that was carried out by an expert on 12.04.2021. Approx. 600 students are currently living in House 9 and it would not be possible for all of them to move to a different apartment within a short period of time. Planning ahead is absolutely necessary and that is why we have to start already in June.

Are there already concrete plans regarding the renovation of House 9?

In all probability, the renovation will be started in the fourth quarter of 2021. The renovation’s planning stage has already begun.

How long is House 9 going to remain vacant?

At the moment, we can only make a rough estimate for how long House 9 will be uninhabited. The period of time is somewhere between 9 months in the case of partial renovations and several years in the case of a complete renovation.

Why can the students not remain living in the building until the renovation begins?

It is already a challenge to organize for 600 residents to move to other halls of residence within merely a couple on months. We are forced to plan ahead, which is why it is unavoidable to start organizing the moves already in April.

Why is the Student Union not waiting with their planning until the final result of the expert report?

It can take up to 6 months until the result of the official public position/approval is known. We cannot wait for that long because, in the worst case, roughly 600 residents would have to move within a very short period of time, which would be sheer impossible at the beginning of the winter semester.

How can an empty building be justified in view of the long waiting list?

The Student Union is extremely sorry that due to the loss of more than 600 rooms the situation regarding the waiting list still cannot be eased to a great extent. The necessity of carrying out necessary construction work nonetheless still remains, even if these measures will temporarily affect the waiting list in a negative way.

What will happen if it was possible after all to live here according to the official report?

It is already certain that there definitely will be construction work that cannot be carried out if the building is partly inhabited. Only after the renovations have been completed, can the building be inhabited again.

Will the current residents of House 9 automatically be given an extension of their residency? What happens if a residency has already lasted 6 years or more?

Every resident of House 9 can receive, if she or he wants to, one semester added to the maximum duration of their residency. It is not important if the resident has already lived with us for 12 semesters (6 years). However, it is a bonus semester for having to move. Only residents who still have time left as a resident and who are entitled to extend their residency beyond 30.09.2021 can receive this bonus semester.

Are the residents going to receive free support from a moving company?

We will do our utmost to support all the residents, e.g. by providing the possibility of temporarily storing your belongings in the sports hall or also by supporting your move from the Studentenstadt to another hall of residence (transport services).

Can residents move back in somewhere or move, even if they have less than one year left as a resident?

Even if residents only have one semester left as a resident, they can move directly or move back in again somewhere after one semester.

Is it possible to go on living in the Studentenstadt?

Unfortunately, there are only few single apartments available in the Studentenstadt at the moment, which is why we are primarily offering halls of residence with single apartments for the residents of House 9 to move into. If you are interested in moving into a single room in a shared flat in the “Altstadt” of the Studentenstadt, we will of course try and make this possible for you.

Will students that now have to move be given priority over exchange students with regard to receiving accommodation in the Studentenstadt?

All residents of the Studentenstadt will receive an accommodation offer. Requirements of students participating in exchange programmes will be taken into account separately but will not clash with the needs of the residents of House 9.

Is an extraordinary termination of the tenancy agreement possible without having to comply with the term of notice stipulated in the current contract?

We want to support the residents of House 9 as best as possible regarding moving, moving out and moving back in somewhere. Being flexible will be important so that the situation can altogether be made easier for the residents of House 9. For this reason residents have the possibility to terminate their current contract by the end of each month.

Can residents refuse an accommodation offer?

In our Form for Moving, residents can choose up to three halls of residence for their move. If you do not want to accept the accommodation offer that was sent to you, we kindly ask you to contact the administrative office – together we are bound to find a solution.

Whom can residents contact with questions regarding their accommodation?

If you have any questions concerning moving, moving out, re-admission, support services or other general questions, you can always turn to our colleagues from the Service Desk or Administration by phone or email. Further information regarding opening hours can be found at:

www.studentenwerk-muenchen.de/en/student-accommodation/administrative-offices/ or www.studentenwerk-muenchen.de/en/student-accommodation/service-desk/

Service Desk: wohnen@stwm.de

Administration: wohnen-team2@stwm.de or wohnen-vertrag@stwm.de

What is going to happen with the deposit when moving?

The deposit which has already been paid for the single apartment in House 9 will be transferred completely to the new accommodation; no deductions will be made.

Here you can have a look at the FAQs concerning the fire in House 13. Again, should you have any questions which are not mentioned here, please contact wohnen@stwm.de.

FAQs Brand Studentenstadt Freimann

What caused the fire in House 13 in the Studentenstadt?

The investigations of the police are still going on. The cause of the fire is still unknown. The Munich Student Union has not received any additional information from the investigating authorities even upon enquiry. Due to the ongoing investigations, we are not going to comment on any statements to the contrary in the media and are not going to make any statements with regard to possible causes of the fire. We are cooperating with the authorities in charge and are doing everything in our power so that the situation is clarified as quickly as possible.

Why did the residents of House 13 have to move out after the fire?

The fire severely damaged important supplies which are located in the basement of the house. Due to this damage, the house cannot be inhabited at the moment.

Why are firewatch teams present at several houses at the moment?

Because of the fire disaster on 16.02.2021, the Munich Student Union is going to have its entire real estate thoroughly re-examined in regard to fire safety. The City of Munich’s Fire Department irregularly carries out fire safety inspections, known as a “Feuerbeschau”. The defects discovered are then immediately remedied by technical personnel. Last autumn, the Feuerbeschau took place in the Studentenstadt for the Houses 9 and 12. The defects discovered were remedied. Because of the fact that these two buildings were constructed at the same time as House 13, they are being re-examined. In general, inspections are always only a snapshot. Since the buildings are also subject to constant change due to being inhabited, the Munich Student Union will have an additional inspection carried out as a precaution.

The firewatch teams that were organized by the Munich Student Union are employees of a security service, whose job it is to ensure the halls are safe and to immediately call the fire brigade in the case of a fire. We organized this additional service as our halls’ caretakers have other tasks to carry out and cannot continuously inspect the houses.

What exactly is a firewatch team?

A firewatch team consists of two security employees and is a form of organizational fire protection. Engaging a firewatch is a mere precautionary measure. In the case of a fire, it ensures that the fire brigade is alerted earlier and the students are made aware of the danger more quickly.

Will the additional cost caused by the firewatch be passed on to the tenants, so that the rent will increase?

No, the cost for the firewatch will not affect our students’ rent.

What is the connection between the fire in House 13 and the plans for renovating other halls of residence?

Basically, we have been planning for some time now to carry out extensive renovations in large parts of the Studentenstadt. Negotiations are being carried out with the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport with regard to financing. At first, we are going to focus on Houses 9 and 12.
In order to be able to carry out renovations - or partial renovations - we had first decided that when students move out of their rooms in Houses 9 and 12, these rooms were to remain vacant. The concrete renovation concepts are currently being devised. Carrying out extensive renovations would be sheer impossible in a fully inhabited building. So far as it is possible, this gradual procedure is to prevent our current residents from having to move unnecessarily.
After a further inspection of House 9 and the resulting outcome, we will unfortunately not be able to proceed according to our initially planned approach (in House 9). We are sorry to say that it will not be possible to carry out the necessary renovations on this building if it is partly inhabited. For this reason, there is unfortunately no other alternative than all residents of House 9 having to move by the end of September 2021.

Are there any residents of other houses who also have to move?

At the moment, no residents of the Studentenstadt’s House 12 have to move. Residents in our other halls of residence do not have to move either. When students move out of rooms in House 12, these rooms are going to remain vacant so that possible necessary short-notice renovation works can be carried out with as much flexibility as possible. We will possibly also choose this method for other upcoming renovations. The advantage of this procedure is that as few residents as possible have to move but that we are still flexible with regard to necessary renovations.

How do I get to my belongings stored in the sports hall?

Please arrange an appointment with our employees of the technical department. The best way would be to write an email to wohnen-technik@stwm.de or give them a ring during the opening hours.

Phone opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Tel: 089 - 38196-1301/-1302/-1306

Where can I now study in peace and quiet?

Due to corona regulations, the reading rooms (including the ones in the Staatsbibliothek) are closed. We do not know for how long this will be the case. At the moment, the only possibility to study is probably at home.

Where can I turn to if I have any questions concerning my old/new accommodation?

Any questions concerning your accommodation should be, as usual, directed to your hall’s administration. If you live in the Studentenstadt, please send an email to: wohnen-team2@stwm.de.

What do I have to do if my personal belongings were damaged by the fire?

In general, liability coverage for private property brought into the living quarters must be taken out through a household contents insurance policy (e.g. through your parents or yourself), which is to be used in the event of damage.

If you have further questions, please contact our Service Desk, if possible, by email: wohnen@stwm.de

What do I have to do if I was in need of medical assistance and paid for it myself?

Certain expenses, such as medication, seeing a doctor, ambulance services or therapy are refunded.
For this purpose, please contact our Service Desk (wohnen@stwm.de). We will then send you a form, which you have to fill in and send back to us.

Will it be possible to move back into House 13 anytime soon? If yes, can we move back into our old rooms?

We cannot answer that question at present. The first step will be to document and assess the damage. After that, we will be able to judge if the house can be re-inhabited after the fire damage has been repaired or if it would make more sense to carry out a complete renovation.

Will I get my rent back if I do not require a room in a hotel and have not moved into a new room?

Yes, if you have not been staying in a hotel nor have moved into another room (moved directly) in one of our halls of residence, you will be credited or refunded that part of the rent.

What about the deposit paid by the residents of House 13?

It is not yet clear whether House 13 in the StuSta will be partly renovated or completely. The tenants will therefore get their deposit back or it will be transferred to their new accommodation without their rooms having been officially inspected.

Is it possible to extend my residency due to the special circumstances?

Every former resident of House 13 can receive, if she or he wants to, one semester added to the maximum duration of their residency. It is not important if you have already lived with us as a resident for 12 semesters (6 years). It is a bonus semester you receive for having to move.

What are the plans regarding the self-administration of the hall of residence and the many communal areas in the StuSta?

Due to the current corona regulations, opening communal areas is not possible at the moment. We hope that a relaxing of restrictions will soon be possible. Apart from this, a concept will have to be devised in order to ensure future procedures have a sound legal basis. This will require further talks between the hall’s self-administration and the Student Union.

Who can help me if I am currently not capable of taking exams due to the strains of the past few weeks?

We advise you to contact your university right away (faculty, examination office) to talk about how to go on from here.

Who can I turn to if I can’t cope with all that has happened?

Anyone affected by this tragedy can contact our Advice Centre. Apart from that, there are also many other services you can turn to; we have put together the following list for you.




Outside our opening hours, you can also contact the following services:

Evangelische Telefonseelsorge (Protestant pastoral phone line)

Tel: 0800 - 111 01 11

Katholische Telefonseelsorge (Catholic pastoral phone line)

Tel: 0800 - 111 02 22

Münchner Insel

Marienplatz, underground level, 80331 Munich

Tel: 089 - 22 00 41 and 089 - 21 02 18 48

Mon to Fri: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Thurs: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.



Available by phone 24 hours a day

Tel: 0800 - 655 3000


DIE ARCHE Suizidprävention und Hilfe in Lebenskrisen e.V.

Saarstraße 5, 80797 München

Tel: 089 - 33 40 41

Mon to Fri: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.