Application process

What happens from applying to moving in?


1. Application

After applying the applicant will receive an automatic receipt via e-mail. Therein the applicant will find an overview about the application data. Furthermore the e-mail contains an information about the next date for uploading the certificate of matriculation if the applicant wants to remain on the waiting list.

The reminder to upload the certificate of matriculation will be send out about 4 weeks before the deadline.

After uploading the certificate of matriculation you will receive an automatic receipt via e-mail. In this e-mail there will also be a note about the waiting times. Furthermore the e-mail contains a note that the offer for accommodation will be send out about 4-8 weeks before moving in is possible.

2. Waiting time

The mentioned waiting times are meant to give aid to orientation. These waiting times are based on experience. The position on the waiting list is no reliable index of the exact move-in-date as Studentenwerk can only estimate the amount of cancellations. We kindly ask you to notice the date of your application and consider the mentioned waiting time. Please notice that we will not give you any information about your position on the waiting list.

3. Tenant contract procedure

3.1 Accommodation offer ("Festanschreiben")

  • Acceptance of accommodation

    The applicant will receive an accommodation offer via e-mail with the deadline for handing in the direct debit authorization. By sending back the direct debit authorization the applicant accepts the accommodation offer. The accommodation offer also contains the contract data of the responsible administrative office for handling the contract formalities. Information about the key issuance will be received when signing the contract.

  • Non-acceptance of accommodation -> Application expires!

    If the Studentenwerk does not receive any reaction from the applicant on the accommodation offer the application will expire. The applicant will be removed from the waiting list.

3.2 Quick accommodation offer ("Schnellanschreiben")

Due to various circumstances there is rooms that will be available at short notice.

If the Studentenwerk is looking for a tenant at short notice the so-called "Schnellanschreiben" (quick accommodation offers) are send out to several students at once.

This means that the accommodation offer is send out to a higher number of students than rooms are available. The offer is not binding which means that if the Studentenwerk receives no reaction from the applicant, the applicant will remain on the waiting list. The applicant who responds first will receive the accommodation.