2016 Satisfaction survey results

The satisfaction survey catalogue on student accommodation had its number of questions optimized from 27 to 15 during the poll in 2014. In 2016, four new sub-questions were added. These only apply to those who answer the primary question with “yes”. In 2016, a total of 4,618 students participated – almost half of all eligible students.

The rating scale for each individual question is as follows: 1 = very dissatisfied, 2 = dissatisfied, 3 = average, solid performance 4 = well marked, above average performance, 5 = very satisfied, great performance. In addition, a majority of the questions contain an extra field for personal comments.

In total, the results were once again very positive. The worst mean score lies at 3.0, although this still implies a solid performance and represents a decent average. The best score of 4.2 represents an above average performance.

The three best results were in the processing of leasing formalities, the sense of safety within the residence and the process of moving in to the new apartment, with scores averaging 4.2 and 3.9, respectively.

In first place (with a score of 4.2 with 2,055 feedback providers) was the satisfaction with the processing of leasing formalities.

The second-best result of 4.0 goes to the sense of safety within the hall of residence (3,956 feedback providers).

In third place (with a score of 3.9 with 2,057 voters) stands the satisfaction with the process during the day of moving in to the new apartment.

Satisfaction with the cleanliness of public space (shared kitchens, bathroom facilities, hallways and staircases) was once again evaluated at 3.0 and 3.4. In the poll on student accommodation, these aspects scored the lowest of all. As a result, the Munich Student Union will take measures to optimize and standardize sanitary management within the halls of residences. From the 1st June, 2017 onward, communal spaces in all halls of residences will regularly be cleaned by an external cleaning company.

The facilities within the halls of residences (washing machines, communal areas, outdoor facilities) once again were rated with a mean score of 3.6. This time, however, many comments noted a lack of washing opportunities in certain residences. Thus, there will be a 50% increase in washing machine and dryer keys.

Once again, many feedback givers expressed their interest in expanding the internet presence of the Munich Student Unions’ halls of residences. The primary wish of many occupants was to have access to a layout plan of the room before moving in. In future, this is going to become an option on the homepage of the Munich Student Union. 80% of all halls of residences have already been updated to include this aspect since 2016. The changes are expected to be complete in the summer of 2017. The current survey has concluded that more transparency is necessary on how long waiting times are. Above this, it must become clearer that there is no prioritization list in terms of who the halls of residences will accommodate.

The total satisfaction with the performance of the accommodation department lies at 3.9 (3,942 feedback givers) – a positive result without exception. In addition to this, the total satisfaction has once again risen,this time by +7.45%.