Psychosocial and Psychotherapeutic Advice Service

How do we work?

The psychotherapeutic and psychosocial counselling service offers free advice concerning problems caused by studying as well as in personal conflict situations.

The institution faces up to the ever increasing problem-pressure to which students are subjected. All matters are treated confidentially and where desired, anonimously.

Besides individual, couple and family counselling, an important aspect of our approach is group work centred on a particular theme, or with a focus on self-discovery. We run courses in which techniques for learning and working are communicated in this manner.

Where we help

All students can turn to our experienced psychologists to talk about their problems. Examples of instances where we can help would include: 

  • Problems with studying (e.g. difficulty making decidions, fear of examinations, fear of authority)

  • Relationship problems, problems finding a partner, getting over separation

  • Isolation and contact problems (e.g. social phobias)

  • Problems with leaving home (e.g. separation from parents, new orientation)

  • Depression, states of anxiety, self harming, suicidal tendancies, psychosomatic ailments, eating disorders, compulsive disorders etc.

  • Suffering caused by sexual abuse
  • Addictions (e.g. drugs, gambling, computer or internet addictions)

  • Integration problems experienced by overseas students.

How we help

If you would like to have a private and confidential talk with one of our counsellors, please get in touch with our secretary by telephone or personally to make an appointment. We will advise you free of charge and absolutely confidentially. If you think you require more permanent help, we can refer you to qualified therapists. In addition to individual counselling, we also counsel couples and families, and do work with groups. We are currently offering the following courses:

  • Organising your studies and learning techniques

  • Relaxation techniques


How to reach us

The Psychosocial and Psychotherapeutic Advice Service is open to all students of universities served by the Munich Student Union. Thus students from Rosenheim, Freising, Weihenstephan and Benediktbeuren are also very welcome to contact us. The contact details and opening times of our Munich office are as follows:

The Psychosocial and Psychotherapeutic Advice Service is located in the Advice Center in Oberwiesenfeld:

Helene-Mayer-Ring 9
80809 München

U3 Olympiazentrum

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 9.00-12.00 (answering machine also available)  Your welcome to speak Englisch.

At other times, please contact us via email or leave a message. Please remember to leave your phone number!

Appointments you can make by phone or personnaly during our office hours.



Tel. +49 89 357135-40
Fax +49 89357135-62