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Two-thirds vegetarian or vegan

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Our new menus will take the stronger demand for dishes containing no meat or animal products even more into account.

In our large canteens, such as in Garching or the Leopoldstraße, which serve up to six main dishes every day, the menus will include up to four vegetarian or vegan dishes from now on. At least one of these dishes will be vegan. Two fish or meat dishes in total will continue to be on the menu each day. Our new focus will, in particular, lead to the vegan menu being more diverse and attractive. Our guests will also still be able to use the self-service system with its salads and diverse side dishes to create their individual vegetarian or vegan meal.

For students, the cheapest canteen dish will, as usual, only cost 33 cents per 100 grams. This offer, the “Studitopf”, is often a rich stew and vegan or vegetarian.

The Munich Student Union has continuously been extending its vegan and vegetarian menu for already more than ten years and is permanently trying out new dishes.

Why don’t you try our new menus sometime soon! You can have a look online up ahead.