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Planetary Health Diet

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How can all people on Earth have enough to eat without our planet being destroyed? The Planetary Health Diet, a sustainable dietary concept, provides an answer to this question.

It recommends eating more plant-based and less animal products, focussing on fruit and vegetables, pulses and nuts. According to the EAT-Lancet Commission, this type of food would need to be consumed twice as much, meat and sugar half as much. 

The commission is made up of 37 scientists from various fields and 16 different countries, including climatologists and nutritionists. The scientists’ goal was to create a scientific basis needed for a global change in our nutritional system. This has resulted in a diet which could equally protect the health of both people and our planet.

Planetary Health Diet 17th to 21st January 2022
An overview of all our specials

66.6% of our canteens’ menus is vegan or vegetarian. This reduces the release of emissions and protects our environment.

During this week, we will be serving dishes which are put together according to the concept of the Planetary Health Diet.

As the dietary recommendations refer to amount and calories (see German diagram at the bottom of page), nutritional information is provided under each of the dishes (nutritional value per 100 grams):

17.01.    Balinese coconut chicken (with chicken)
Energy=941 kJ (225 kcal), Fat=16.9g, of which saturates=8.2g, Carbohydrate=5.2g, of which sugars=2.2g, Fibre=0.1g, Protein=12.4g, Salt=2.0g

17.01.    Falafel with yoghurt cucumber mint dip (vegetarian)
Energy=596 kJ (142 kcal), Fat=4.3g, of which saturates=0.9g, Carbohydrate=19.2g, of which sugars=3.9g, Fibre=0.1g, Protein=4.9g, Salt=1.3g

17.01.    Oven-stewed vegetables with haricot bean mash (vegan)
Energy=374 kJ (89 kcal), Fat=1.6g, of which saturates=0.2g, Carbohydrate=8.2g, of which sugars=4.0g, Fibre=2.8g, Protein=5.0g, Salt=0.3g

18.01.    Halloumi with salsa and coriander (vegetarian)
Energy=2202 kJ (526 kcal), Fat=25.4g, of which saturates=11.4g, Carbohydrate=31.6g, of which sugars=12.8g, Fibre=0.1g, Protein=24.6g, Salt=92.0g

18.01.    Moussaka with vegetables and sheep’s milk cheese (vegetarian)
Energy=723 kJ (173 kcal), Fat=12.0g, of which saturates=4.6g, Carbohydrate=9.9g, of which sugars=3.0g, Fibre=0.5g, Protein=5.6g, Salt=0.5g

18.01.    Red beef curry with wok vegetables (with beef)
Energy=681 kJ (163 kcal), Fat=9.3g, of which saturates=1.6g, Carbohydrate=5.8g, of which sugars=2.4g, Fibre=0.2g, Protein=12.8g, Salt=1.6g

19.01.    Organic pasta bolognese (with beef & pork)
Energy=1208 kJ (288 kcal), Fat=15.7g, of which saturates=3.1g, Carbohydrate=27.4g, of which sugars=2.4g, Fibre=2.0g, Protein=13.3g, Salt=2.2g

19.01.    Vegan mini sausages (vegan)
Energy=535 kJ (128 kcal), Fat=8.2g, of which saturates=1.2g, Carbohydrate=8.0g, of which sugars=1.8g, Fibre=0.0g, Protein=5.0g, Salt=1.5g

19.01.    Vegan nasi goreng with soybean sprouts (vegan)
Energy=913 kJ (218 kcal), Fat=8.0g, of which saturates=0.9g, Carbohydrate=26.9g, of which sugars=5.9g, Fibre=0.9g, Protein=5.1g, Salt=18.6g

20.01.    Country potatoes with cream quark and parsley (vegetarian)
Energy=312 kJ (75 kcal), Fat=6.5g, of which saturates=1.6g, Carbohydrate=14.2g, of which sugars=2.3g, Fibre=1.6g, Protein=4.8g, Salt=0.8g

20.01.    Kale hemp balls with vegan soy yoghurt dip (vegan)
Energy=564 kJ (135 kcal), Fat=8.5g, of which saturates=1.0g, Carbohydrate=9.3g, of which sugars=1.6g, Fibre=0.3g, Protein=4.2g, Salt=1.2g

20.01.    Rolled sucking pig with beer sauce (pork)
Energy=212 kJ (51 kcal), Fat=6.2g, of which saturates=2.4g, Carbohydrate=6.0g, of which sugars=2.3g, Fibre=0.2g, Protein=14.3g, Salt=2.7g

21.01.    Trout meunière with almond butter (fish)
Energy=1624 kJ (388 kcal), Fat=19.1g, of which saturates=6.2g, Carbohydrate=6.0g, of which sugars=1.5g, Fibre=0.8g, Protein=15.0g, Salt=2.2g

21.01.    Lentil stew with vegetables (vegan)
Energy=479 kJ (115 kcal), Fat=0.8g, of which saturates=0.2g, Carbohydrate=17.3g, of which sugars=1.4g, Fibre=0.1g, Protein=6.8g, Salt=1.1g

21.01.    Pancakes with blueberry filling and custard (vegetarian)
Energy=278 kJ (66 kcal), Fat=2.4g, of which saturates=0.2g, Carbohydrate=9.3g, of which sugars=8.3g, Fibre=0.1g, Protein=1.8g, Salt=0.1g