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Fresh pork from straw pigs

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The Munich Student Union’s University Gastronomy continues to rely on farms’ sustainability. Since 2021, 66 percent of all dishes on the menus of our universities’ gastronomic services have been vegetarian or vegan. For the remaining third of our menus’ meals, more and more focus is being laid on animal welfare. Since June 2022, our University Gastronomy has therefore permanently been offering pork exclusively in straw pig quality.

That means that the pork in all dishes, such as goulash, roast, curry, grilled steak, cutlets and lots of others, is obtained from straw pig farms.

As the name implies, straw pigs are kept on straw and not on a stone ground or other surfaces. This type of animal husbandry is especially suitable for the species as the pigs can follow their instincts, rooting around and cuddling up with each other. Also, the risk of injury is severely reduced when pigs are kept on straw.

More information in German can be found here.