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Renovation Canteen Leopoldstraße

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A new face for the canteen

The canteen in Leopoldstraße 13a opened up in the early 70s – now it is time to bring it up-to-date regarding its culinary and technical features. The renovating has begun. By the end of 2021, the dining rooms will have been modernised and the foyer redesigned. Also, the building technology is going to be brought up-to-date. After the renovation, the guests will be able to enjoy the modern premises, and the high-tech kitchen will enable new ways for preparing meals according to today’s standards. The foyer with its new design will tempt you to linger and meet up with people.

During this period, disturbances, such as noise, cannot be completely avoided. But:

During the entire renovation, we will still be providing you with freshly prepared meals.

Pay attention to notices hung up – we are going to keep you informed!

Latest News

  • Starting January 2020, half of the dining room will be closed (1st floor, areas 1 and 2).
  • As an alternative, there is a serving counter on the ground floor in between the espresso bar and the StuCafé.
  • The complete foyer is equipped with tables and chairs. So there is enough room for everone to enjoy their meal.
  • The StuCafé will remain open with an adjusted menu during the renovation period.
  • From January 2020 onwards, the Canteen Leopoldstraße will be adjusted to the price system of other canteens of the Student Union. That is to say: all meals have the same basic price (except the daily vegan meal, which is cheaper). With certain meals (eg dishes with meat or with fish), a fixed amount is added (Geman: “Festpreiskomponente”), which you can see at the counter and on the menus (eg + 1 euro). 

    Your Renovation Advantage: while the renovations are going on, students pay less regarding the basic weighing price:
    only 0.68 euros per 100 g (instead of 0.75 euros / 100 g).

    Have a look at our Canteen Prices for further information.

Please support us and take your tray up to the first floor to the conveyor belts.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Your Munich Student Union


The plans have been coordinated intensively with the LMU, the owner of the building.