Buy one of our cult trays for a good cause

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Buy one of our cult trays for a good cause

Since the new canteen in Garching opened up in September 2019, everything there has changed. Not only the building and the equipment, the kitchen and the dishes have changed. But also, the old trays with the individual compartments have been replaced by new ones. Now, these “shaped trays” are no longer being used in any of the Munich Student Union’s gastronomical services. Of course, it was about time for this change, but some people do feel nostalgic as these shaped trays have been used by generations of students.

Anyone who wants to save one of the cult trays for eternity, can do so now:

The trays are being sold at the Infopoint in the Garching Canteen
All proceeds will go to the organisation Studentenhilfe München e.V.

No matter if you use them as a tapas tray at the next garden party, for crisps and flips or as a small flower pot on your balcony - the tray will definitely be something to talk about! Price: 10 euros each

 By buying a tray you will be helping other students. The organisation supports students in need with special funding programmes and helps them get out of difficult financial situations. The money is distributed swiftly and unbureaucratically to the students.

PS: You can also always give a donation at the canteen cash desks – every little helps.