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Childcare Centres open with certain restrictions

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****** NEW (01.07.) *******

Since 01.07.2020, the childcare centres are open again as usual, but with certain restrictions. More detailed information can be found in the newsletter 349 of the Bavarian Ministry (only completely healthy children, etc.).

****** NEW (18.06.) *******
In the newsletter 349 of the Bavarian Ministry you will get the information that the admittance ban for childcare centres will no longer exist from 01.07.2020 onwards. From 01.07.2020, childcare centres will be open for all children, with certain restrictions, which you can find in the newsletter (only completely healthy children etc.).

****** NEW (08.06.) *******

From Monday, 15.06.2020, kindergarten children who will be starting school in 2021 as well as crèche children who will be starting kindergarten in 2020 can go back to their childcare centres again. Detailed information can be found in the newsletter 344 of the Bavarian Ministry for Family, Work and Social Affairs. 

Presumably, all children will be allowed back to crèches and kindergartens starting Wednesday, 01.07.2020.

****** Information on parental contributions  *******
Futher informations can be found in this letter to the parents.

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Following the order from the Bavarian government, the childcare centres of the supporting association “Eltern-Kind-Initiativen e.V.” are open for emergency childcare.

Before starting emergency childcare, you must fill in the form "Erklärung zur Berechtigung einer Kinderbetreuung für Alleinerziehende" (form for single parents) or the "Erklärung zur Berechtigung einer Kinderbetreuung” and hand it in at the institution. 

More information can be found in the pdf files below from the Bavarian Ministry for Family, Work and Social Affairs.

More information about the “Notfall Kinderzuschlag” can be found on the ministry’s website.

If there are any changes concerning childcare in our facilities, we will keep you informed here.
Should you have any questions, you can ring your facility or also our office 089/ 38196-1739.