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The Munich Student Union holds a raffle for 100 rooms

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The Chairman of the Board of Administrators Dr. Paul Siebertz selected the winners of the 100 accommodation units by pressing a button on a random-number generator.

The Munich Student Union has raffled off 100 accommodation units, exclusively to first-semester students who are not from Munich. The Chairman of the Munich Student Union’s Board of Administrators, Dr. Paul Siebertz, selected the winners via a random-number generator.

The raffle included 85 accommodation units in Munich as well as 15 in Freising for the upcoming winter semester. Future students had the chance to take part in the raffle from 15.05.22 to 15.07.22. All in all, 1,443 first-semester students had applied for accommodation; 1,334 of them for accommodation in Munich.

The winners will have a room from 1st October 2022 provided they accept the accommodation offer within a given deadline.