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There will be a 365€ ticket for students!

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On 5th April 2022, the committee for labour and economy of Munich’s city council agreed on including students to the group of people entitled to use the 365€ ticket, at the latest by 2023. The “AK” or “Arbeitskreis Mobilität” [working group mobility], made up of student representatives of the University of Applied Sciences Munich (HM), the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), welcomes the decision: “Since the 365€ ticket for pupils and trainees was announced in 2020, we have been fighting for students to be given the same conditions with the Munich semester ticket. All three groups are undergoing some form of training and only have limited financial resources available. We never thought the unequal treatment of students so far was justified”, Pablo Conrat from the LMU student representation explains in a press release given by the AK Mobilität.

“Permanently introducing the semester ticket in the MVV in 2016 was a great success of the student representatives and was voted for by an overwhelming majority of students in the ballot held at the time”, says Maximilian Frank, co-ordinator of the AK Mobilität. He adds that the yearly costs for students for using public transport [ÖPNV], which amount to more than 560 euros a year for the Munich semester ticket from the summer semester 2022 onwards and which therefore constitute a difference in price of almost 200 euros compared to the 365€ ticket, could no longer be explained.

“Lightening students’ load permanently is important”

Dr. Ursula Wurzer-Faßnacht, former director of the Munich Student Union, also praises the decision: “The Munich Student Union witnesses every day how the lack of affordable accommodation, high rent and now also rising energy costs are causing students in Munich and the surrounding area a lot of trouble, which is why lightening our students’ load permanently regarding public transport is an important issue. Being included in the 365€ ticket shows that the success story of the Munich semester ticket is consistently being developed further.”

Talks with administrative districts

The AK Mobilität is striving for the ticket to be introduced at the beginning of the summer semester 2023, when the current contract for the semester ticket will end. Since the 365€ ticket for pupils and trainees is based on shared financing between the Free State of Bavaria and the individual municipalities, and as Bavaria has now agreed on contributing to the financing of the 365€ ticket for students, the distribution of extra costs between the City of Munich and the rural districts that are part of the MVV must now be settled. “Students do not only live in urban Munich, but also in the surrounding districts, so that now everyone needs to contribute to the financing of the ticket”, says Konstantin Berghausen, TUM student representative of AK Mobilität. There would now have to be focused talks with the districts.

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