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Solidarity fee will continue

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The semester ticket will continue to exist for the summer semester 2023.

The semester ticket’s originally planned discontinuation has been postponed due to the fact that by the end of January 2023 it was not yet clear from when exactly the “Deutschlandticket” will be valid. For this reason, the semester ticket will also be available in the summer semester 2023. That will ensure that you are able to use public transport at a reduced price even before the Deutschlandticket is introduced.

We therefore ask all our students to pay the solidarity fee as requested with their university, as in previous years. Your university will inform you in time, as usual.

We recommend you to think carefully about whether or not and when you need to buy the IsarCard Semester, as it is not possible so far to have it exchanged for a Deutschlandticket. We are, however, along with the AK Mobilität of the Munich student representations, doing our best to make it possible for students to offset the IsarCard Semester as well as the solidarity fee against the Deutschlandticket.

Further information on the Semester Ticket