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New Managing Director

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Claudia Meijering is new Managing Director of the Munich Student Union.

On 15th November 2022, Claudia Meijering took over the management of the Munich Student Union. Due to her qualifications as well as her many years of experience as manager in the field of higher education, the Munich Student Union’s Board of Administrators has decided in favour of Dipl. Ing. and Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Claudia Meijering. Most recently, she was Head of “TUM Center for Study and Teaching” at the Technical University of Munich.

Establishing and maintaining the best possible conditions for students to successfully complete their studies has been one of Claudia Meijering’s professional focuses in the past and will now continue to be so.

She is well aware of the challenges that lie ahead and very familiar with carefully handling limited resources, the high level of services expected by students as well as their increasing diversity.

The Board of Administrators is very pleased that this important position has been successfully filled and would like to wish Claudia Meijering lots of strength for her new task.

More information can be found in our German press release.